My 24 Point Guarantee to You

I promise you I will do the following:

  • I will be on time on the day, stay as long as you like within reason, and do exactly as you wish as per the package you booked with me.
  • I will be smartly dressed and use the best professional equipment.
  • I will take technically correct, sharp images and not at funky angles, unless you want that style.
  • I will take lots of fly on the wall, natural, reportage images in between the main cornerstone shots.
  • I will take the family groups (if you want them) swiftly and efficiently to free up time so you can enjoy the reception.
  • I will endeavour to keep to your shoot list as best I can within the time limitations, weather and other circumstances that may be beyond my control.
  • I will keep in contact with you prior to and after the wedding, and deliver what we agreed.
  • I will listen to your ideas, make constructive suggestions and do and take pictures of what you want, and not ignore your preferences.
  • I will photograph everyone at the wedding, usually several times over, unless they are deliberately trying to avoid the camera.
  • I will photograph all the detail shots that have taken time and money to create.
  • I will communicate and give sensitive direction on the day. I have covered 1600+ weddings, so I know what is going to happen before it actually does.
  • I will create your wedding album by the world leader in wedding story book albums, the renowned Graphi Studio in Italy.
  • I will have a second photographer on hand should you require it. 
  • I will give your photographs a relaxed, informal, party feel.
  • I will ensure we have time so you can have fun and enjoy your day and not tie you down with an extensive shoot unless you want that. 
  • I will take great family group photographs, which are well structured and composed with the subjects looking relaxed and at ease.
  • I will single out the VIP guests so we get lots of coverage of them as well as the other guests.
  • I will take individual and couple shots of the guests, formally and informally wherever possible or according to your preferences.
  • I will not look to you for direction on the wedding day, I will make the suggestions. That is what you are paying me for.
  • I will ensure its your day not the photographers. Many photographers boss you around on the day. I will not.
  • I will make your images romantic and they will reflect the emotion felt on the day, if that is the style you would like.
  • I will make sure your images will stay online for 12 months and you will receive your edited, high resolution image on disc, promptly.
  • I will take lots of pictures of the evening party and your evening guests, if that part of the day is in the package.
  • I will definitely be there on the day and will have a fall back photographer, just in case of a very serere, unforseen problem.

You will receive...

  • My undivided attention.
  • Inspiring, emotive and stylish wedding photography. 
  • Detailed preparation and communication before the day.
  • Positive direction on the day.
  • Attention to detail from start to finish.
  • Have lots of fun on the wedding day.
  • Clear and precise ongoing communication throughout.
  • Timely delivery of your edited images.
  • Fabulous quality wedding album with excellent artistic design.
  • Great value for money.

I will receive....Tears of Joy!

If you book me for your wedding, you are trusting me with a huge responsibility of creating a highly memorable and long lasting pictorial record of one of the most important days in your life. You will expect me to capture amazing moments, big moments, small moments and all the rest in between. To create beautiful images to make you smile, laugh, and bring tears of joy to your eyes.
As an example, when Cara and Ashley got married at Great Fosters, Egham, in 2014, when Cara came to pick up the wedding album, she burst into tears and flung her arms round me, kissed me on the cheek, and couldn't stop thanking me.  Gladly, for me that is generally what often happens when a Bride and Groom see their amazing Graphi Studio wedding album for the first time, well, maybe the groom can hold the kisses, a thank you is just fine!