Pet Studio Portrait Photography

If you are searching for a dog and cat animal pet photographer in the Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex area, look no further! Over the years we have photographed many types of animals, including puppies and dogs, cats and kittens in varying shapes, sizes and temperment, both in the studio and on location, at their owners homes. At the Guildford studio, we have a wide variety of coloured backdrops to suit your pets colouring and personality, as well as an abundance of friendly animal patience too. Feel free to bring along any suitable pet props for your dog, cat or donkey! to enhance the look and feel of the pet portrait photo session. 

Amber, the Labradoodle, who looked more labrador than poodle, was very good natured and obliging for a half hour intense photo shoot, (with the help of lots of treats and TLC!). We suceeded in the end with some fun doggy props to get the shots we were after.

Dexter, the Chihuahua, a rather beautiful, if slightly short tempered toy dog was my occasionally willing subject (providing I kept my distance and my hands on the camera!) for a challenging, but rewarding, pet toy dog photo shoot at the portrait studio in Guildford. Dexter sported a very swarve leather toy dog bikers jacket which gave him a cool and urban feel, along with his blingy diamond encrusted red dog collar. Dexters mummy, Shona, was on hand to bribe good behaviour with plenty of tasty pet dog treats and even posed for some cute mummy and Dexter dog pictures too!

In the end, the excitment got too much in the end and wore him out, or maybe it was just the snapping of little dog teeth, as Dexter fell asleep in his designer, windscreen viewable, pet dog bed on the way home to Shropshire. So that just shows how far our clients are willing to travel to get that special and unique pet dog photograph! See you next year Dex...

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