Surrey Wedding Photographer

Every wedding day in Surrey, my home country, is special and unique to the wedding couple. It’s a landmark day in their lives, which they have planned for months, and often years. Unfortunately, whilst Surrey wedding couples used to appreciate they needed good professional photography of their wedding day to capture those illusive and precious memories. In recent years, with the onset of digital photography, it appears that it is now far less important than in the past. The general perception that to have a really great, talented and creative Surrey wedding photographer for their Surrey wedding has waned on their wish list, to the point that they often let the guests attempt to capture those fleeting, vital and unrepeatable moments. BIG MISTAKE!

There is one crucial reason why the guests cannot capture the wedding photographs successfully and that is, guests WILL take the wedding photographs when they WANT to, not when they NEED to. So if they are talking to another wedding guest in the grounds of a beautiful Surrey venue, maybe getting a champagne top up or a host of other distracting reasons, they will miss those all-important moments because they are not being paid to attend. I have pointed this out time and again to Surrey wedding couples who have visited me in the studio in Guildford, Surrey, to view my wedding portfolio, wedding albums, and to discuss their wedding day plans. They listen and nod, seem to understand, then go and spend the money they originally allocated for the Surrey wedding photography on better wine or more flowers. When they return from their honeymoon and see what the guests uploaded onto their personal Surrey wedding website, that’s when the tears start. I have actually had hysterical brides coming back to me after the wedding day to ask if there is anything I can do to edit and enhance the guests wedding photographs as they were so very disappointing. Mostly, there is not much I can do, as they are too low resolution to enhance properly, or just out of focus or so badly composed. Much as would like to offer the miracle remedy, sadly, they are stuck with a very poor record of their special day.

So after the dress has been worn, the food eaten, the flowers admired, and the champagne drunk, all you have is each other, maybe not so crystal clear memories of the day, as it flashes by in what seems an instant, and the wedding photographs, their permanent memory. So make sure those vital pictorial memories are entrusted to a Surrey professional photographer like me, who has a wealth of experience, knows all the best Surrey wedding venues, has stylish creativity, loads of patience and good humour, expert technical abilities with lighting, composition and the ability to capture the exact moments that you need. Don't risk disaster and cut corners! Come and talk to me and I will show you what I can do to help.

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